Monday 8 October 2012

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

With the US Presidential Election into its final lap it’s a question of who is the Nice Guy and we’ll tell you about the real policies later.  Believe us we are both the sort of chap to have at the wheel as we drive you over the fiscal cliff.

In the UK the next election campaign is beginning with our two leaders contesting to be the Nice Guy and to hell with any real policies.  As for fiscal cliff’s, don’t believe it, we can keep the property boom in play long enough for nobody to notice that we are now well and truly in financial outer space.

In both cases, but in quite different ways relating to the electoral systems and the relative state of the economies it will be the question of who might actually vote, where, why and to what effect.  In both cases this is looking increasingly complicated.

In January 2009 Obama, a Democrat, was sworn in to take over an USA administration running a broken economy and it remains in that state.  He and his team were not up to dealing with the main issues and not helped by the financial cultists they appointed to advise them, nor by the elected Congress they faced.

In 2010 Cameron took over a UK administration that had been fairly thoroughly subjected to a scorched earth treatment by the previous Labour government.  It is arguable that their ability to deal with the situation was fatally compromised by the need for form a coalition with a group of Euro loving big spenders, Liberal Democrats who wanted to live in the past. 

Increasingly, though, it looks like Cameron and his Conservatives were never really up to it and far too much in hock to the UK version of financial cultists that did so much to ruin the nation.  To add to the mix, the UK lot have become neck deep in too many scandals.

With the radical differences in the electoral systems, probably, direct comparisons cannot really be made.  But there are particular themes.  It is likely that voter turnout will not be high, especially relative to total population.  In other words in both cases victory could go to the largest minority.

In the UK, because of the corruption and lack of balance now endemic in the electoral system it is possible that victory could easily go to what might be the second largest minority.  Either way, in both the USA and UK we might have new governments that reflect only some of the voters but far from all.

So much all for all that One Nation claptrap.  Also because of weaknesses and scope for fiddling and manipulation in the voting systems anything could happen in a number of places which might lead to some distinctly odd results.  This could damage what might be left of public confidence.

So in both cases in the foreseeable future both the USA and the UK could finish up with administrations that do not reflect their publics, under rigorous control by their financial masters and facing populations that have a almost a majority who do not believe in the system together with a great many fractious and maybe violent groups.

The good news is that the number of millionaires, well paper millionaires is increasing and we will be told as we frantically economise that this is good for economic growth.

See the two minute clip from the wonderful film “High Society” as a sampler.

My big issue is how to get a payout big enough to join the club.  Discounting the lottery perhaps I might try Home High Frequency Trading to see what happens.  With luck I shall be rich. 

Without it I might just crash the Global Economy.

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  1. Well, I would certainly like to be a millionaire...I am burning my candles at both ends trying to work it out...

    Thanks for the youtube link...I rather enjoy classic movies...

    WAHM Shelley... :)