Sunday, 4 March 2012

Monarch Of The Meat Counter

A mixed bag of links is listed here rambling round the question of wealth and related matters of conduct and action.  George Monbiot, love him or hate him, is a practised polemicist and sometimes does an interesting hatchet job.

His latest target is the Scottish Gamekeepers Association, who are not the first people you would associate with him.  Apparently, they have made a bid for our tender loving care in the shape of claiming that the red deer are critical to the future of the Scottish economy.

Of course, it depends which part of the economy they mean, and George points out they are talking about the richer part, some of whom enjoy killing red deer in the comfort of their estates.

Meanwhile, a shorter polemic in Vox by Jon Danielsson simply tries to tell us that the Greek problem is a disaster visited on us by our largely unelected rulers.

From Some Assembly Required on Saturday, 3 March are two links to the state of affairs in the USA.  The first under “Words Meanings” from CBS News deals with the US government fiddling with inflation figures.  This is something we are all familiar with in the UK and the question is who actually benefits?

The second is from Business Insider on the disastrous state of the US property market at present.  This is something that is already happening in parts of Europe and may be coming to a district near you soon.

For some light relief, apparently researchers at UC Berkeley in California, where else, have discovered that the upper classes are greedier and less moral than those beneath them.  So who was sponsoring them?  Goldman Sachs of Greece?

To end this rambling tale, I take you back to the time when Disney taught us all to love the red deer and treasure them in our hearts.  The song is “Little April Showers” which will bring a tear to the eyes of many pensioners

This ditty turns up now and again as the backing to one commercial or another on TV, usually with happy dancing, flowers and joy unencumbered, so long as you buy the product.  And it is never venison.

It may be April when it all goes badly wrong.


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  2. Talking of meat, i have a roadkill deer hanging up in the shed now , chop up, eat, freeze the rest...yummy

  3. Lots of deer at Chatsworth. I'm surprised a latter day Robin Hood hasn't nabbed a few. Maybe he has.

  4. I'd sooner trust the Scottish Gamekeepers than Monbiot.
    Agriculture in the UK is in terminal decline. The chances of producing a decent return on most of the Highlands, other than by having rich people spend their money there, is minimal. The amount spent by one deerstalker in a week is multiples of that spent by, say, a walker.
    The rich are the best crop the Highlands can harvest-it is purely class war that wants to prevent it.

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