Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

There are plenty of things to worry about at the moment. This morning had the item about the Little Ice Age being triggered by a handful of volcanic eruptions, as if we did not already know.

The worse news was that the Euro might be rescued and all those Greeks putting up “Prussian Glory” on Youtube to get used to it have been wasting their time. The one that concentrates on King Frederick The Great is the best. Angela Merkel probably keeps a miniature of him in her hand bag.

One interesting item is an article by Christopher McMichael in Open Democracy, a researcher in South Africa be became interested in the militarization of major sports events in recent decades, notably the World Cup in his own country.

He points to the familiar mix of politicians, corporations, unelected international bodies and armed forces with sport as form of warfare without the noise.

Way back in 2009 this blogger was going on about the security aspect of the London Olympics and how little was being said and costed overall but now we know more, it is going to be a big deal.

Also, rather than accepting the figures suggested my deranged and daft ideas were figures for the whole Games of £25-30 billion. I mean, how insane could you get? Now it seems we are up to £24.9 billion and rising.

What nobody has yet mentioned is that similar issues relate to the Glasgow Commonwealth Games of 2014. This is another big deal and also with its own security issues which mirror those of an Olympics. Who better than a McMichael to give guidance and insight into this problem?

This is something I may return to, but The Frit Of The Day Possibly goes to this item:


Quite simply there are a vast number of critical providers of services reliant on computer systems who are wide open to attack and disruption, not just by evil organizations but any amateur hacker with the nous.

Given the interconnectedness of everything and anything at least it gives me something positive to be pessimistic about. Perhaps a job search might be better.

Glasgow are looking for managers for Recruitment and Diversity Relationships, Ceremonies and Culture Programming and Venue Overlays.

So which one needs the Main Battle Tanks the most?


  1. "So which one needs the Main Battle Tanks the most?"

    Not to mention all that kevlar running kit.

  2. Demetrius, the euro cannot survive. it's just emoney. One click it's there, next click it's gone!

  3. Last I heard there were tents in the vicinity of St Paul's offering overnight accommodation for £500 per night!