Thursday 27 October 2011

Merkel's Battle Of Kursk

The way the mind slips around and mixes things up is a curious thing. Perhaps I should take more water with it. There I was watching the BBC TV documentary on Bletchley Park out of interest and up on the screen comes information about the Battle of Kursk in the summer of 1943.

Battles of the past do not come bigger than this one when in 1943 the Soviet’s turned the tide against The Third Reich although there might have been some battles of ancient times where relatively the numbers could have been comparable.

Meanwhile the discussions in Brussels had reached a similar crunch point as the bureaucrats and the bankers battled for the hearts and minds of politicians. The question of who won will not be known for a little time but most of us are already aware of who will be the losers.

In the summer of 1943 the Third Reich had major forces on its Eastern Front having taken control of the states to the east of Russia. The Greek campaign had meant a major military commitment in that territory.

It had lost the North African war and this meant it had to make up its mind between whether Italy or Greece was most at risk. Europe was substantially under its control, those countries that were not had to pay close heed to what The Third Reich wanted.

But from the Battle of Kursk onward the Third Reich was in retreat. By the end of 1944 the Allies were poised to conquer Germany and reduce it to dependency status in thrall to states who had the resources to dictate to it what its political structure would be and how it would be organised.

Moving on to 2011 and the Battle of Brussels in which issues arising from Greece, Italy, Eastern Europe and the rest have come together to bring about the end of an EU dominated by German money and French treachery as a world force.

So who now will be calling The Great Game? Brazil, Russia, India and China it appears may be bankrolling the bail outs with added help from North Africa and the Middle East.

Brussels 2011 may be our financial equivalent of 1943 Kursk and again it is Italy, Greece that are the liabilities.

How long will it be before the BRICS occupying forces and their associates are camped out in the centres of Europe more or less telling us all what we can do and what we cannot?

In London, this is less of a problem, they are already here.

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