Friday 11 February 2011

Time For The Toothpaste Revolution

As the USA says goodbye to its old middle class and the UK seems to be doing the same the question is asked why? One proposed answer appears in an article picked up from suggesting that global corporate bodies are now close to detaching themselves from their home nation states.

Also that those states in any case have become subject to domination by the corporations as the middle classes shrink and detach themselves from politics, leaving it to the professionals who can be bought.

According to one hedge funder dealer if one American or European family goes down and four in once poor countries go up this is all to the good.

It may not be as simple as that. If the global corporations and their senior people no longer pay much tax and the middle class taxpaying capability reduces sharply a state will have to say goodbye to all those social programmes and benefits the poorer classes have become used to.

So in the once developed countries it is not just the middle class that shrinks it is the incomes and futures of many of their poor that go as well.

The article suggests that stability in the USA and Europe are the basis for allowing all this to happen and to permit the corporations to follow their own stars.

One of the markers for wealth accumulation and spending power given is toothpaste. This is described as a “basic” need. So the richer a country becomes the more people rush out to buy the toothpastes they see advertised, helpfully provided by global consumer products organisations.

There could be some slight flaws in all this. According to Inspector Gadget the life in many of our urban areas is anything but stable at the moment and things do seem to be getting rougher as the more and more of the young and old do not like what is happening.

In any case, who needs toothpaste? We haven’t used it for years. It is nasty slimy stuff that stinks, leaves a horrible taste that spoils food and drink and often contains substances used in Agent Orange and pesticides.

What is more it costs good money better spent on other things. Strangely, since stopping our teeth have needed far less attention.

So here is my way to start a revolution. Stop using toothpaste and use the cheap natural alternatives.

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  1. Great post, Demetrius. This NWO won't like the people power in Egypt dumping of one of their cronies, though!