Monday 10 January 2011

Change In The USA, Taxation And Representation

Above is a snip from Financial Armageddon that was taken from a fuller article below in The Atlantic dot com. If you look at it, a short one, and click on the picture you will get the full picture.

The USA has changed in the last four years. How far is the change either permanent or just a stage in a long term decline?

In the UK we have paid relatively little attention to the USA recently because our media has interesting celebrities to discuss. A tragic event has now caught our attention, but with little interest in the overall background.

For a long time the USA has been one of the key motors of the world economy. A radical change there will affect us all, for better or worse.

Elsewhere we see that there the “growth” has been almost exclusively amongst the very rich while the poorer half of the population is in deep trouble as are most of the States of the Union.

How will that affect the UK and Ireland, will it be worse here or better?

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