Sunday 17 October 2010

Olympics Update

There are reports that Swamp Fever, or Equine Infectious Anaemia has returned to the UK for the first time since 1976. This is a dangerous disease amongst horses and travels by means of the movement of horses about the world, largely for sporting events. It may be contained or it may not. If it isn’t then it will disrupt or even prevent the 2012 Olympic events planned.

Also, The Glastonbury Festival for 2012 is under threat according to the Sunday Mail because most of the police officers in the South West will be needed in London. Normally this would be a good selling point, but it is the fact that all the Portaloo’s of the nation also will be in London as well that is the real problem.

The rumour on the street is that a Flash Festival is to be held in retaliation but not at Glastonbury. The story goes that it will be in London adjacent to Westminster Bridge where there is a good deal of open space and large buildings little used during the summer to move into if it rains.

This might be an improvement on the real event which is not a good place to be in very wet weather. Perhaps it could become permanent for the sake of improving tourism figures.

There are protests from Local Councils in East London about the loss of the route for the Marathon Race to Westminster for reasons of scenic appeal and after lobbying from tourist interests. That the race will paralyse London traffic for a few days should be interesting. People from the Flash Festival could join in the race to add to the media interest.

My forecast long ago that the “Zil” lanes for designated official vehicles will be in place and will seriously affect traffic and trade in the East End is now causing concern. This will be happening long before the Games as road works etc. are needed long in advance.

The Olympic organisers are saying, on ecological grounds, that this will encourage more people to use public transport. A Mr. R. Crow, a union official of the RMT was reported to have had a fit of hysteria and only calmed down after being given a large slug of medication supplied by a distillery in Islay.

People of England may now sleep peacefully in their beds. It has been announced that eight sniffer dogs and their handlers will be available to deal with all the drugs problems that might arise. Also a few thousand nice, jolly, helpful people have been persuaded to do a lot of the dirty work and control the crowds for little or no salary.

Mad bloggers have been rabbiting on about solar flares. Do they mean that 1970’s fashions will be “In” for the Games? My old Kipper Ties will be getting an airing.

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