Thursday 18 June 2009

Tell Me No Secrets, I'll Tell You No Lies

The unveiling and denunciation of “Nightjack” the prize winning blogger police officer is a warning to us all, up to a point, Lord Copper (do I win an award for the worst internet joke of 2009?). Although quite why the fuss is occurring I do not know. Isn’t it an ancient police ploy to set up a honey trap to reveal “fences” and others engaged in moving stolen goods about?

My guess is that if someone in the relevant trades really wanted to know who it was that was speculating whether Alastair Darling was in the pay of the bankers, or the trade unions, or foreign types with lots of money, or indeed all of them, they should be able to manage it if the blogger in question was possessed only of ordinary skills. If the blogger was able enough to cover the tracks, then that might tell them a lot more, and perhaps cause greater concerns.

Then there are the more basic skills of textual analysis, and divining truth from hints that are designed to send people astray. Also, there is the natural urge of people to boast, especially when anonymity is assumed. There are only so many people who have climbed Mount Everest on a unicycle. The skilful use of a picture can throw the searchers off track, given the modern weakness for believing anything pictured either as a still or indeed in film.

My chief concern, however, is not that I might be uncovered, but that nobody at all might be interested. So I must now try to dream up something really good. But for the time being, my identity remains securely hidden.

Yours faithfully,
Bertram Wooster,

Could you mail me Jeeves, I’m having trouble with the updates again.

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